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Learn from the best teachers around.
Learn at your convenience.
Interact and Seek support from the best!
Easiest and Best live coaching Platform!


We improve your child performance.
We train him/her to be ahead of others.
You monitor your child growth with our online quiz.

Experienced Teachers

Earn big from your knowledge.
Teach at your convenience.
Make an impact to your country.
Join a community of the best teachers.


At HomeSKUL - 

We value your child education growth!
We value your time as a parent that should be invested in other activities.
We value our teachers impact to the society we live in. 
We are not a school but we support national and international education program
To improve children performance from what they receive from theirs school.



HomeSKUL - Rw is Online platform that was developed by LOXOTECH LTD to connect StudentTeachers & Parent
During this period when the world faces COVID-19 pandemic We developed this platform as in order to support governments across the continent to make it easier for Children to keep learning from theirs homes being supported by teachers from different schools.
With respect to social distancing it was very difficult for the teachers to move and teach student from theirs schools or support them from home.
We developed this tool to help them to teach online so that they can help the student to keep updated with theirs subject and will keep on supporting them when the school resume during theirs evening hours explaining them deep the subject and supporting them to understand theirs work.


All about HomeSKUL - RW

We developed this platform taking into account for 3 main stakeholders:

Our registered student:
1. Learn from the best teachers in the country and from abroad.
2. Learn at theirs convenience from anywhere in the world.
3. Interact and Seek one on one or in class support from the best teachers!
4. Have the Easiest and Best live coaching Platform!
Our registered teachers:
1. Teach at theirs convenience.
2. Earn big from theirs knowledge per each enrolled student to theirs class.
3. They build a community of best performers.
4. They inspire and make an impact to each student and the country.
5. They Join a community of the best teachers.
Our registered parent:
1. Have freedom as we take care of theirs child studies
2. have affordable and trustworthy partner for theirs child education
3. Relax as we guarantee theirs child performance improvement
4. Monitor theirs child performance through different assessment and automated result.


At HomeSKUL - RW we are offering the 3 main programs with more to come in the near future:



We are a growing institution that have big goals to achieve. We hope that one day we will be able to serve our continent. So far we have:


Student Applied & Registered


Certified Teachers Applied & Registered


Our Student Capacity


Our Teacher Capacity


“If your plan is for one year plant rice. If your plan is for ten years plant trees. If your plan is for one hundred years educate children.” - Confucius



The platform will help the continent to improve education and make sure the student performance is taken care off by lecturers from anywhere in the world