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About HomeSKUL - RW

HomeSKUL - RW , Rwanda, is the leading homeschooling online service developed by LOXOTECH LTD an IT Company registered in Rwanda. This platform was developed by the support of GOSHENGROUPS(US Based Company) and DBI(UK Based Company) to support parents who are busy to homeschool theirs children to find the best and experienced teachers who will guide them and lead them to be the best of theirs classes using our online platform.

This platform was developed to connect Students all over the country to the best Teachers where Parents tracks performance and growth of theirs children through the tools available within theirs portals. HomeSKUL - RW is helping students to find support that will help them to reach their goals and pursue their dreams.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission since day one have been to:
"Provide support to the students in whichever education programs delivered in Rwanda they take".
"Connect the best teachers to the student in the country".
"Providing the best tools to Students - Teachers - Parents to operate".


Our vision is to be the leader of the homeschooling online service in Africa.

Why Choose HomeSKUL - RW?

We provide the best tools to enable the Teachers to provide the best coaching and support to the student and theirs parents.


Our Student has the following benefits:

1. We give you flexibility in learning
2. We provide education you'll love
3. One on One online class with preferred teacher
4. Other online classes for your preferred subject
5. Review rewind recorded Online Classes in your absence
6. Study material, Assignment and Online Quiz
7. We give you a platform that will help to make friends forever

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Our Teacher do:

1. Help student reach academics and personal goals
2. Benefit from the massive visibility our platforms provides
3. Earn Extra Income from your knowledge
4. Learn and embrace new technology resources as tools of the trade.
5. Move from a traditional teacher model to a mentor guide model
6. One on One online class with subscribed student
7. Provide support to the subject you choose to teach
8. Recorded Online Classes for Absent Student
9. Provide Study material, Assignment and Online Quiz
10. Enjoy Being a teacher at HomeSKUL

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Our Parent has access to the following:

1. Great Quality education support to your child
2. Flexibility that our program offers means that you'll choose a plan that works for your child.
3. Our teachers does not only provide education but also want to invest in your child to see them grow to the leaders of the future.
4. Recorded Online Classes for your child to help you support your child
5. Access to Study material, Assignment and Online Quiz
6. A portal that gives you an overview of your child performance from quiz and everything he does through the portal

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